Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ivor Day (Part 2)

Ivor has steam up
With my early start, and my other half at home looking after baby, it fell upon grandma to bring number one son along around lunchtime. He is a Thomas fan through and through, so meeting Ivor would be a new experience. By the time I caught up with them he had already had a ride behind Ivor and was as excited about the trains as ever. What is it with little boys and trains?

Ivor Day - Behind the Scenes (Part 1)

Ivor's boiler being filled
This weekend Ivor the Engine paid his third visit to Bressingham, and I had an early start so that I could include some of what happens behind the scenes as the drivers prepare the locomotives for the day.
As with any day, there is lots going on and I have tried to capture a flavour of what's happening.
Due to its length, this posting has been split into two parts.