Sunday, 29 August 2010

Carl's big day and another Seymour date

A long time dream fulfilled
It was during my first day of trackwork back in February that I met Carl for the first time. I've seen him lots of times since, both when volunteering and as a visitor since he is a regular volunteer working as a guard on the three narrow gauge lines.
Recently Carl started his steam training in preparation for driving. This involves learning the principles of steam on the beam engine in the locomotive shed, and he could be found in there during this year's Thomas event.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

New locomotives and Steam in Miniature Weekend at Bressingham

Last year's winner hoping to take
the prize again
Today's visit coincided with Bressingham's 21st Steam in Miniature Weekend. This would be the second time round for me, so I knew roughly what to expect, except this time I would be writing a blog entry as well.

In fact we bought our family season ticket at last year's event and given the number of visits we managed in a year (at least sixteen, possibly as many as twenty) I have to rate it as excellent value.

Seymour returns - a date for your diary

Seymour - good to see he hasn't changed much!
Whilst at the Steam in Miniature event I fortuitously bumped into Seymour in the afternoon. This was the first time I'd seen him since the Ivor Day some three months ago.

I know that a few people would like to know when he visits Bressingham so they might be able to say hello and catch up. With this in mind I asked him if he'd mind me letting people know when he was next due to visit so that I could put it on my blog. Ever Seymour, he was happy to oblige and quite happy for me to take a photograph as well to publish with the news.

The date to put into your diary is Sunday 29th August.

Now of course I must say that this is not one hundred percent guaranteed, so please don't go cancelling your plans on my say so, but if you are a season ticket holder or have been meaning to visit, then the 29th might be a good choice.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ian's big day

Ian on Rosenkavalier
Today was another day that wasn't intended as a blog entry - just a visit with number one son and grandma, but a couple of conversations later that's what it became.

Whilst having something to eat I noticed that today's Nursery Line driver was Robert, the same chap featured in the photograph that won some of the software that I will be using to bring the collection online over the next few months. After thanking him for taking part we got chatting and I learned that Bevan is awaiting final inspection from the Railway Inspectorate before coming into service. I don't know when this is scheduled to happen, but it can't be too long now. I also learned that there are some new narrow gauge locomotives soon to be arriving at Bressingham for passenger service, including a diesel. This should help to provide a better level of backup during maintenance and breakdown.