Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ian's big day

Ian on Rosenkavalier
Today was another day that wasn't intended as a blog entry - just a visit with number one son and grandma, but a couple of conversations later that's what it became.

Whilst having something to eat I noticed that today's Nursery Line driver was Robert, the same chap featured in the photograph that won some of the software that I will be using to bring the collection online over the next few months. After thanking him for taking part we got chatting and I learned that Bevan is awaiting final inspection from the Railway Inspectorate before coming into service. I don't know when this is scheduled to happen, but it can't be too long now. I also learned that there are some new narrow gauge locomotives soon to be arriving at Bressingham for passenger service, including a diesel. This should help to provide a better level of backup during maintenance and breakdown.

Robert on Bronllwyd

Robert also invited me to hop onto the footplate for a ride when I wanted, an offer that I would take up later in the day.

It wasn't until we were sitting on the Waveney Line awaiting departure that today became a blog entry. Sian, today's Waveney guard must have said something to Ian the driver and he wandered over to ask if I'd mind taking a photograph of him when we arrived back as he had just qualified on Rosenkavalier and today was his first time driving solo. Of course I was happy to oblige and mentioned that it would make a nice entry for the blog, to which he replied, "Ah, you're the blog man." At least someone reads it!

Ian gives it some steam

Whilst waiting for the arrival platform to clear I noted that more progress is being made on the area that is to accommodate the new 5 and 7.25 inch track - an old roller (which Howard Stephens had earlier joked to me about being a museum piece itself) has been brought in and the whole area that was once an untidy mess is now starting to take shape. I hope to be able to provide regular updates as this project progresses.

Good progress on the groundwork for the 5 & 7.25" railway

Back at the Nursery Line I joined Robert on the footplate and took the opportunity to get some shots of Ian in action at Diamond Crossing where the Nursery and Waveney lines cross over.

Ian waiting for the Nursery Line at Diamond Crossing

A happy driver


  1. Many thanks James. Great photos.

  2. Certainly a very happy bunny. Well done Ian!
    I really the admire the energy and enthusiasm all those involved put into their work at Bressingham. My family and I visited the museum back in the 1970s, never realizing at the time how much it depends on voluntary contributions at all levels. Now, with all this modern technology we can keep up to date with and enjoy almost everything that goes on there even though we live abroad.
    And, if I might add, Ian being my little brother, I'm not the least bit biased.

  3. I wish I could make so much progress, so fast, at Bag End.


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