Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Father Christmas
Well, where did the last year go to?

It doesn't seem that long since we last visited Father Christmas and here we are again. My car is having its MOT so we use grandma's, and as we arrive I realise I forgot to swap my tripod over - so long exposures to capture the Christmas lights are out of the window today. Fortunately I did bring my fast portrait lens and a ring flash so all is not lost.

Sian and Carl run the tombola stall today
The recent snow gives everything a bit of Christmas magic, and the relatively small amount around today doesn't keep people away either. It was quite a different story in south Suffolk and I had to telephone first to make sure they were open today. Just south of Bury St Edmunds the extent of last night's snowfall was clear - snow went from four inches to a light sprinkling in the matter of a couple of miles as we headed north.

A lollipop as a consolation prize
After saying hello to Carl and Sian and trying our luck on the tombola (sadly we didn't win anything) we head back outside to the recently discovered dodgems. It was back in September, shortly after his fourth birthday that little one had his first go on the dodgems. Now imagine a four year old boy who is mad on trains and cars being able to whizz around in a dodgem car (with some help from dad). Of course he made a beeline straight for the nee naw car. John and Maureen are doing a wonderful job in restoring this set of dodgems, and in doing so are making little boys (and girls) very happy!

Poz with Desmond the donkey
With the queue to see Father Christmas rather long we spend twenty minutes or so being entertained by Poz. Last Christmas he wasn't interested at all, however after laughing his head off on the Ivor day he was definitely ready for it again.

Thank you once again Poz.

A wave from the driver
The queue doesn't seem to be getting any shorter so it's off to amuse ourselves on the Gallopers and have our ride on the train. As you pass the dodgems the carriage lights are turned off and the only lighting is from the fairy lights strung inside each carriage. Accompanied by a medley of Christmas carols to suit all ages it's very atmospheric - a definite family event.

After a warming hot chocolate it's back into the Exhibition Hall and with half a dozen or so people in the queue we join the end and are the last family through to see Father Christmas.

Father Christmas with his elves

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  1. As always, wonderful photos; love the final one of Santa and his "elves".


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