Sunday, 27 February 2011

Trackwork 2011 - Sunday update

Riding the maintenance wagon
With Saturday's rain replaced with bright sunny weather, it's an ideal opportunity to take number one son along for the last day of February half term opening. I can also pop down to Peat field 2 and see how Sunday's trackwork team are getting on.

Family fun

Riding Merlin
First port of call has to be the Gallopers as I've been telling little one all about the special new horse with the serpent wrapped round it and he's excited about seeing it. Of course this is now his new favourite — until Brian finishes another one.

After a go on the dodgems (the first of three goes today — lucky boy) we drop into Alastair's for a bite to eat. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Chris and the trackwork team approaching in Toby the diesel tram, and within seconds there is an excited little boy looking out of the French doors. I don't think he's ever seen Toby working before, so it must have been a nice surprise for him. For me it meant that I could catch up on what was happening.


Fetching new rails
Chris and the team (only two members today) have returned for a pair of short rails, so I arrange to wander down after we've been on the dodgems.

The last of the new sleepers for this section have been spaced out and stop near the point where we lifted track on Thursday. Chris will get the mini digger down here and clear and prepare about two feet of ground so that the whole track bed can be moved to ensure everything lines up.

Bolting the fish plates together
With both rails placed onto the sleepers and roughly aligned, Ray paints grease onto the rail ends and then he and Graham nudge the rails into place (allowing an expansion gap) and bolt the fish plates together to make the join. Although I have now done four trackwork days, I haven't until now seen this part of the process, so it's nice to be able to fill in the blog gap.

Aligning the sleeper prior to pinning the rail
Before the rail can be pinned to the sleeper, the sleeper needs to be aligned and spaced correctly against the preceding one to keep the track straight.

With photographs in the bag I head back to the dodgems to meet number one son and grandma. Did I tell you just how much fun dodgems are when you're four and a half years old? After two goes we head up to the Garden Line for a final ride before going home.

Another month or so and no doubt we'll be back to ride on the other trains as well.

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  1. Compared to moving track, renovating Bag End is starting to look like not such hard work after all.


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