Sunday, 8 May 2011

St Christopher locomotive progress

Whilst at this year's Dad's Army Day, I took the opportunity to check out the progress being made on St Christopher and was rather surprised to find it in pieces!

The boiler has been bead blasted to thoroughly clean it out, and Phil is making changes to the braking system so that it's compatible with the air braking system used on the Waveney carriages.

Boiler cleaned and painted

Cab and saddle tanks

Meanwhile Chris and Adam have made splendid progress on the platform, and are hoping that the workshop can temporarily pop the cab back onto the chassis so they can check clearances, then whilst they make the track and platform adjustments the workshop can get the locomotive finished.

Waveney platform work coming along well

Once thing for certain is that the white post on the left will have to be moved otherwise St Christopher will not even get as far as the platform!

Fingers crossed St Christopher should be in service for the bank holiday weekend at the end of May — it will certainly be nice to have the Waveney Valley line back in operation.

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