Sunday, 17 July 2011


Meet Jack
This horse was started back in June when it came off the Gallopers as Dick. Much like any other horse coming off at the moment, there was a lot of rot and Brian really does strip them down to get rid of it. As more horses get restored, the condition of them should get slightly better as the worst ones are being prioritised. Just don't mention the ostriches and cockerels — Brian's dreading those — something to do with all the detail in the feathers!

Diamond checker design

Design ideas for name sashes

Next up

Brian's next project
With Dick/Jack on the final furlong, work has already started on the next horse. I could say this is in just as shocking condition as many of the others and go on about poorly done repairs previously but I won't. I'll just let the photographs speak.

Water can do an incredible amount of damage

So rotten it just crumbles

Old metal brackets have left their mark

Rusty nails don't help either

Back in June I also showed some of the decorative mouldings that Brian was restoring in order to make a paybox for the Gallopers. These have now had some base colours applied, and Brian explains that the metallics will be over-painted with flamboyant paints — a coloured translucent lacquer — giving a unique effect. If you look at the serpent on Merlin you will see what I mean.

Partly painted moulding that will used for the new paybox


  1. How come the horses rot so badly? Is it because too many years have passed since they were last cared for, or were they originally made with poor quality wood?

  2. They're out in all weathers and get rained upon from March until October at least. Some will be 100 years old (or approaching that) and will have seen many many seasons, and some less than sympathetic repairs in their time.

    It only takes a leaky tilt (roof) and once water starts getting into the point where the pole goes it doesn't take long for rot to set in.

    There are only a few more to go (before the dreaded cockerels and ostriches) and the whole lot will have been done. Of course, by the time everything's done I'm sure some of the earlier ones will need some maintenance/touchup to keep them sound.


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