Sunday, 2 October 2011

George Sholto and a horse named Jack

No. 994 George Sholto
Much progress has been made on George Sholto in the couple of months since my last update. The cab has been painted and refitted. The saddle tank has been painted and fitted with the nameplates. Other brasswork has been refitted, and generally it's looking like a very nearly finished locomotive.


View from the side

There is still quite a bit of minor detailing to finish off before it will be ready for the boiler inspector, but that date can't be too far away now. It's hoped that George Sholto will steam this season.

View of driver's cab

No. 994 built by Hunslet, restored by Bressingham

Nameplate set against gleaming green paintwork

A more artistic view of the nameplate

Jack goes onto the Gallopers

Jack from the outside
Some time in the last seven weeks Brian and his helpers managed to finish Jack completely and pop him back onto the Gallopers. You can find Jack (for the moment at least as all the horses will be put into storage once the season closes and they may or may not be put back on in the same places) directly behind one of the two gondolas.

Detail on the front

Jack sitting between Midnight and a cockerel


  1. Compared to the earlier pictures, Jack is unrecognisable. Brian and his team deserve huge congratulations. (Dare I say 'Jack' looks much happier now?)

  2. It's a challenge trying to follow a particular horse as often when I go back sometimes a month has elapsed and a horse that was in bits has been finished and the next one started — poor Brian can get so confuzzled dealing with so many pieces of wood that he can't always remember which is which — but he and his volunteer helpers certainly know how to transform them.


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