Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gallopers platforms and vegetation management

Earlier this year, two of the platform sections were removed for repair and repainting. Since the end of season another two sections have had the same treatment and today they need to be refitted ready for Christmas opening. It seems that the epoxy filler did the trick, and the two sections replaced in March are holding up well.

The platforms are a tight fit

Clever tool to make life easier

Once Christmas is over, another two sections will be removed and repainted in time for 2012 opening. Only another six to go then…

Looking much bettern
Cutting back the vegetation growth along the tracks is a never-ending battle. Back in October when George Sholto was line tested, an overgrown branch or bramble left a mark in the new paintwork much to everyone's annoyance. Carl and I, armed with loppers, a saw and a ladder sought vengeance and now the area around Grotts is looking much neater and under control.

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