Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas photographs in the snow

Seat at entrance to Nursery Line
The recent cold snap earlier in the week has left several inches of snow on the ground where I live. A quick call to Sue at Bressingham confirmed that they too have a fair bit of snow still laying - ideal conditions for doing some promotional photography for next year's Christmas marketing campaign.

Given today's impulse decision I will be restricted to photography outside as my tripod is in my car which is having its MOT this weekend. With the surprise weather conditions I am quite happy to make the most of the snow outside.

Paul on the footplate of Bronllwyd shooting video footage
On arrival I sign in and take the opportunity to grab a few frames of Bronllwyd as she pulls away from the platform. It isn't until I get home and look at the frames more closely that I can see Paul (one of the volunteer drivers) standing on the footplate videoing the journey. You can see Paul's video footage here on YouTube. You can just about make me out in the top right between 0:13 and 0:23.

My next stop is to seek out Christine the Duty Manager to enquire about getting access trackside to photograph Bronllwyd on the Nursery Line against a snowy backdrop. She's easy to find as she's dressed up as the Snow Queen! I am given permission and get to travel with the Guard to the Diamond Crossing where the driver stops to let me off. I walk over towards the Pump House where I take up position and wait for Bronllwyd to approach me.

Bronllwyd approaching the Diamond Crossing
Once Bronllwyd has passed I walk back to the Diamond Crossing and along the track to the Christmas display in the woods before the next train comes round in another fifteen or so minutes. I get a few photographs of the display and walk back to the Diamond Crossing where I ready myself to get a photograph of Bronllwyd approaching. It is only perhaps two degrees above freezing but I am too preoccupied with excitement to notice. After a short wait I can hear Bronllwyd in the distance, and manage to shoot several frames as she approaches me. Paul the driver slows and tells me that he will collect me at the Pump House, giving me another opportunity for some more frames.

Ray on Bronllwyd
Sadly the sun has now dropped behind the trees, but at the Pump House Ray gets on next to the driver and I manage to get a frame with his Christmas hat before climbing into the Guard's compartment at the back of the train for the last leg back to the station.

After a warming hot chocolate at Alastair's Cafe I seek out Christine again to run another idea past her for another day.

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  1. Love the steam/sky in the photo approaching Diamond Crossing. What a great photo op (and a chance to ride with the Guard!)


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