Thursday, 1 April 2010

Au revoir Seymour, not good bye

Cake decoration captures Seymour's character perfectly
After sixteen years of working at Bressingham, today was Seymour's last official day at work as he retires. A gathering of staff and volunteers in the afternoon presented him with a specially designed cake and a Corgi model of a carousel similar to Bressingham's in recognition of his long and valued service to Bressingham.

Howard Stephens presents the card, cake and model carousel

Many people have come to know Seymour from his time spent driving Victoria the steam engine which powers The Gallopers. Indeed over the years he has become part of the attraction itself and many people must have returned just to see him. As Howard Stephens said, Seymour is an ambassador for Bressingham and will be much missed. He was certainly part of the inspiration that got me volunteering.

Afterwards, he was taken to see the newly restored Gallopers as over the winter period he hadn't been in to see all of the restoration work being carried out. It seemed fitting that they should be in pristine condition as he took the controls for one last spin, albeit on electric rather than steam.

I felt very honoured and privileged to be able to take some photographs of these last moments, and to ride with Seymour. Next time you ride The Gallopers, look out for the horse named Seymour in recognition of its charismatic engine driver. Chances are that you may even bump into Seymour himself as he has said that he will pop in from time to time.

Reflecting on many happy memories


  1. Wonderful cake {smile}, love the b&w shot too. I hope Seymour keeps "popping back in".

  2. Seymour was a lovely and great man. I hope he does come back to bressingham again. it is sad to see him go. I like the idea of him having his own horse!!!

  3. Happy Retirement Seymour, Miniature Steam Rallies won`t seem quite the same, you always had fun especially on a Saturday evening when we all got together round the gallopers.
    Jean, Alan, Jack & James from Bournemouth

  4. tony postman in shorts!26 May 2010 at 14:27

    seymour is greatly missed on the gallopers doesn't seem the same without him and his pipe, cheery smile and laugh

  5. Seymour is great. Can you put it on the timetable page if seymour retourns so then people can come specially in on that day to see him.

  6. It took a few visits before I bumped into Seymour again, but this time I managed to ask him if he'd mind. Next visit details (fingers crossed) here.


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