Sunday, 4 April 2010

A family visit to Bressingham at Easter

Seeking out Seymour
After following all of the activity surrounding the 2010 season opening it was nice to be able to enjoy a day with the family this Easter. Our first port of call was the Gallopers where we sought out Seymour especially. I'm not sure if a three and a half year old quite understood fully when I explained the significance, but he grasped "man on horses" and was happy enough. Oddly enough one of his middle name is Seymour, taken from my late step father's middle name, so maybe it's a portent!

It's always great to see the Gallopers running as they were intended - on steam. Somehow it's just not the same when they're on electric, maybe it's the near silence with which they turn that takes some of the fun away.

Today's attraction was 662 Martello running on the standard gauge having recently returned to Bressingham from being out on loan. Due to its small size, footplate rides are not really possible, so coupled to a single carriage, everyone could enjoy a ride.

662 Martello approaching

Martello's drivers enjoying themselves

Also out and about today and giving rides were a traction engine and road roller and the steam car. When you next visit do have a ride - I've been on the road roller and it's quite an experience, especially when you pick up some speed as there's no suspension and it's quite bumpy to say the least. I couldn't think what it would have been like to have spent all day driving one of these.

Traction engine

Steam car

With all three narrow gauge lines running in steam little one was really spoilt for choice and the rain just about held off to make the whole day good fun.

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